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30 March 2017 @ 04:55 pm


My cousins and I are planning to make a song for our ichibans. We already have the lyrics for the song and we already gave a tone for it! It's entitled as 'Ichiban... we'll collide' . I hope you will support us TAT We worked hard for it because we all know that this fandom and our ichibans are special to us and they became our inspiration in everything ! I'm sure that fangirls will relate to this song. Thank you for reading this :)) Jaa~!

17 June 2014 @ 07:59 pm
Huwaaahh!! This is it!! It's now updated >_< *sigh* I'm really glad that there is a new chap (^-^) Gonna read this later :3

I just hope that Yoshi and Touma will break up soon :)) So Kou will have his chance !! GO FOR IT KOU! GANBATTE!


MANGAHERE : http://www.mangahere.co/manga/ao_haru_ride/c041/
MANGAFOX : http://mangafox.me/manga/ao_haru_ride/v10/c041/1.html
MANGAPARK: http://mangapark.com/manga/ao-haru-ride/s1/v10/c41/1

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03 June 2014 @ 08:51 pm

HERE IT IS!!! Dish//'s single, I can hear is here!! I really really like this song ^_^ The pv is really funny . But I cant post the download link of it's PV Cause I cant find a download link :( Gomen ne !! ^_^

DOWNLOAD LINK:http://uploadingit.com/file/view/oieccjfkcwxnj26u/DISH%20-%20I%20Can%20Hear.rar

I Can Hear
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03 June 2014 @ 08:43 pm

ASDFGHJKL!! When I was listening to Naruto shippuden endings and openings I was shocked that one of Dish//'s songs are in Naruto >.< At first, I only see them in blogs and twitter and it seems that I dont really care about them XD But wow! I love their song :3 It was the first time when I heard their song XD hahaha. I gotta post their 'I can hear' single later. I really love them . Especially Tachibana Toi! He is my ichiban in Dish// ^_^ He's the blondy and the DJ. YOW XD
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31 May 2014 @ 12:23 am

Ugh! This chapter is really annoying, Im really disappointed at Sasuke! Sakura and Kakashi were just asking, because they are concerned! And thanks to Naruto because he told Sasuke that he is an 'asshole' , which is true!

About this, I was about to loose hope in Sasusaku. But I had realize that Sasuke is just being Sasuke. And also, because it took years when team 7 was reunited again. I thought about it, when Sasuke said "Why do you need to know? There's nothing you can do" to Sakura was because he just wanted them (team 7) to be safe and because if he will tell her and kakashi about the outside world, they will plan something dangerous that might harm them. Just like Kishimoto said, Sakura is Sasuke's first love and I do believe in that XD ♥

So to all Sasusaku shippers who had lost their hopes in this OTP, I dont know but, I'm telling you, COME BACK XD

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29 May 2014 @ 04:57 pm

Nisekoi's season 1 in anime was already finished. In episode 20(which is the last episode of season 1), chitogeXRaku had a good and amazing scene! Seeing that really makes my heart go doki doki! >.< But I was a bit disappointed at the end. There was also an OnoderaxRaku scene. And yeah, Chitoge is walking at the school hallway, bla bla etc!

So now, here is the real topic. You see, everyone that watches Nisekoi have teams. There are 4 teams but #TeamChitoge & #TeamOnodera are the popular teams. Let me tell you, Im in #TeamChitoge. I really ship them because they have chemistry. Raku shows his trueself to her so she knows raku very well. Unlike Onodera, Raku gets shy if he's with her so Onodera doesnt know anything about Raku's true attitudes. And one last thing, I got a feeling that Raku will choose Chitoge . Even if she is or she is NOT the promised girl. AND , (This is really true) If Raku loves them both, I'm sure he'll end up with Chitoge because if Raku really loves the first one (Onodera, Raku's first love) , he will not have any feelings for his second love (Which is Chitoge) .

Well, that is my opinion.
And damn! I'm excited for it's season 2 >.<

#TeamChitoge all the way!! ♥
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29 May 2014 @ 04:32 pm
Today is so boring.
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